A Big Thank You From Us All



What extraordinary times- and our hearts go out to all those- both at home and overseas- who are experiencing such stress and uncertainty right now. From our homes here in Northumberland we’re especially thinking right now of our suppliers- all very small family businesses and community- based projects which we’ve discovered over the years in India and Africa- and of course for many of them, hardship, political unrest, a difficult climate and general uncertainty are simply a way of life.


We are absolutely delighted that we are able to continue to do all that we can to support these incredible people and these incredible projects in their incredible communities- many of whom have been alongside us from the very beginning of ibbi -6 years old now!  A sincere thank you to them- and a thank you to all the people we have met on our travels who have made us feel so welcome. And thank you also to every single one of our customers- every order means so much to us, especially during these uncertain times. And to everyone who comments and chats with us on social media and to all our local friends who have popped in to see us in our farmyard showroom- a huge thank you- the showroom may be closed for a while- but we are still here with you online 24/7. The brilliant Royal Mail here in Northumberland continues to get our parcels out to you, so if you want to let  someone know you’re missing them and would like to send a small colourful hand crafted gift, remember we’d always love to help.


So this Springtime we just wanted to say thank you to you all- and here’s hoping for & looking forward to, calmer and more settled times together soon.