A Few Of Our Favourite Things: Summer Accessories and the Kantha Tradition

THE perfect boho Summer picnic rug for beautiful sunny alfresco gatherings

For centuries Bengali women have been taking discarded sari cloth and stitching it together with a small immaculate running stitch to create something new. The kantha ‘dorokha’ or two sided quilt was never considered a work of art, but rather was  simply something by which to keep warm. In Bangladesh, vintage cloth was said to keep you safe from harm and so began a tradition of women stitching kantha for their loved ones. Today we at ibbi are passionate about kantha and our kantha collections of sumptuously soft throws and stunning accessories are beautiful, functional and still firmly rooted in the textile traditions of the Eastern States of India. Some kantha are brightly coloured, some slightly more subdued. Each is a one-off exclusive design, with wildly intricate hand stitching: these are unquestionably the perfect accessories for sunshiny Summer months.

Kantha detail: each throw is made from layers of vintage sari, stitched together with a wildly intricate kantha running stitch
Vintage kantha throws: hand crafted, hand stitched, the perfect Summer accessory

And how to style your kantha? Try hanging these bold beauties over the back of neutral sofas or over the arms of chairs to add some colour. Or tuck around the seat cushions for some real wow, without the fuss or cost of all-new upholstery. Throw kantha over tables too or stitch over footstools and ottomans to create an instant update. They’re ideal for creating rich patterns on beds: drape with gay abandon! And best of all? Why not use kantha as the ultimate boho picnic rug- they’re PERFECT for Summer alfresco gatherings and because they’re made from layer upon layer of vintage cotton sari, they machine was beautifully. Kanthas make stunning cushions and beach bags too- and check out our latest boho kantha clutch bags. They are disappearing fast!


Kantha Beach Bag
Vintage kantha beach bags: machine washable and each one entirely unique
Vintage kantha clutch bags: £25.00 each

Happy Summer! and enjoy this amazing sunshine.