All About: Ochre Tamegroute


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Large Tamegroute Platter

The small dusty village of Tamegroute lies in Southern Morocco on the cusp of the Sahara Desert. We’ve always wanted to bring the famous rich green glazed pottery created there to ibbi, but it was only when we visited early this year that we discovered just how beautiful the ochre coloured pottery range is too. Tamegroute is made using clay dug from the Draa River bed and its glaze, a mix of manganese, silicon and copper can be transformed when the copper is replaced with iron oxide. Gone are the rich green hues, replaced with stunning golden tones which vary hugely depending on the way the pieces have been stacked in the clay ovens and the thickness of glazes created by the individual potters. These are magnificent ceramics crafted by hand, using traditional techniques passed down by the generations.

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