All About: Our Baskets From Zimbabwe


Bujera Baskets

We have been so delighted this Autumn to bring you our first ever collection of baskets and furniture from Zimbabwe. All materials used to create this beautiful basketry are sustainable, with each piece being created using the very finest, locally sourced and renewable resources. Expert weavers from local communities have produced the highest quality goods possible. If you’re in to sustainable interiors these are for you! ¬†From intricately woven Binga baskets- fabulous for fruit of stunning hung in groups as statement wall art- to beautiful Buhera pots. Perfect as stand alone pieces of art and highly practical in any home for storing anything from kindling to socks.

By purchasing these products, you are helping to preserve traditional weaving methods for generations. We love the perfectly imperfect nature of this collection- and truly hope you will too! New collections are arriving this month.

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