All About: Spring: Some Of Our Favourite Finds

This week we thought we’d list some of our favourite finds and share just a few of those who’ve cheered and inspired us these extraordinary and unsettling upside down times. As we’re lucky to be based in the quiet calm of rural Northumberland we all have gardens so quite a lot of our favourite finds have an outdoor theme! We hope you enjoy.


Get: DINING: suddenly setting the table- often outdoors- is far more meaningful to us all and so when it comes to eating there’s lots of inspiration out there. We love our beautiful coloured block printed table linen of course!- to add Spring colour to your table. But for cool style we particularly love the simple sophisticated beauty of Willow Crossley (IG: @willowcrossleycreates)- tables with fresh flowers in simple glasses, napkins tied with sari ribbon- your table will never have looked prettier. Check out her book too: The Wild Journal (Images: Willow Crossley)


Get: PLANTING: Anna has gone for trailing verbenas in pinks and purples in her planters this Spring- all plants from Sarah Raven (IG: @sarahravensgarden)- Sissinghurst Pink, Superbena Burgundy and Grandiflora ‘Bampton’ are very pretty together and add perfect colour to gardens and patios (Images: Sarah Raven)


Get: READING: lots of our office chat- when we were able to work alongside each other- tended to centre around books- and we still love sharing our recommendations, Our current favourites are: ‘Queenie’ by Candice Carty-Williams (Anna’s choice), ‘Love And Summer’ by William Trevor (Claire’s choice) and from Eliza it’s ‘As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning’ by Lauire Lee- a heavenly relaxing account of Lee’s walk as he leaves his Cotswold village & heads to London to embark on his epic journey through Spain

Get: EATING: Head straight to Tart London (IG: @tart_london)-  their book ‘A Love Of Eating is wonderful. Cherie Denham (IG: @cheriedenhamcooks) is brilliant to delight and inspire and all her recipes appear on her account. Her pink grapefruit, lime and peach no-churn ice cream is divine (Images: Cherie Denham)


Get: DRINKING: Pimms, why not. Served in our beautiful hand blown Afghan tumblers and poured from one of our hobnail jugs.


Get: CHILLING: perhaps on one of our chill out vintage Rajasthani charpoys. Charpoys are like hammocks but on legs- so you won’t get blown out in a high wind! We found these in Jodhpur- with their original frames and carved legs and they have been re strung for us in beautiful intricate woven patterns.

(Deanie the dachshund and Willa the lab love them too).

Stay safe and well x



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