All About: Vintage Charpoys



Vintage charpoys… at grey, wet times like this, we long for those lazy sun-drenched Northumbrian summer days…and thinking that surely Spring must be just around the corner, we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate the arrival of our latest sunshine products: our new collection of vintage Rajasthani charpoys are here! ¬†Charpoys or Indian day beds are the ancient traditional sleeping surface of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and this latest collection of beds has been found for us in the beautiful blue Rajasthani city of Jodhpur. Elegant, functional and fabulously comfortable, charpoys are open rectangular frames supported by four intricately carved woven legs and a super soft woven cotton or jute top. The tightly woven top on our charpoys has been newly made, with intricately woven traditional patterns, but the frames and legs are original. Today, charpoys continue to be widely used throughout South Asia. In Dera Ghazi Khan in Pakistan humungous charpoys are created purely for social purposes, where crowds meet and sit and discuss the issues of the day. Our charpoys may be rather smaller! (approx 2m x 1m) but they are the perfect sun beds for those long lazy sunny times…head to our outdoor section if you would like to see more.