All About: Wonki Ware Ceramics, South Africa


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We are delighted to bring you our new collection of Wonki Ware ceramics from South Africa.  Founded by Di Marshall, Wonki Ware is located on the stunning Garden Route on the Southern coastline of South Africa -an area renowned for its mild climate and stunning topography, situated between the forested Outenigua and Tsitsikamma Mountains, next to the Indian Ocean. These ceramics are renowned for their stunning organic shapes, their bright colours vibrant patterns and joyous wonkiness! The Pottery today employs and empowers more that 70 people from underpriviledged backgrounds and has enabled these talented artisans to learn new skills & find purpose and pride. The creation of Wonki Ware ceramics is very much a collective effort and each crafted piece will have passed through 12 processes and 14 different sets of hands before completion.

The organic clay is locally mined in South Africa and delivered to the pottery as large clay sausages which are hand banged and slab rolled by talented potters who mold and create the strong, soft organic shapes for which Wonki Ware pottery is renowned. The raw clay shapes are allowed to dry naturally to harden and dry over several days before being fettled with a scraper. A wet sponge is used to soften the edges. This ‘greenware’ is then ready for its first firing, turning the still fragile greenware in to hard bisque which is then cooled and sanded by careful, capable hands. The clean bisque is then individually glazed and hand painted and has its final firing and cooling, which can take up to 3 days.

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Oval dish

These one-of-a-kind heirloom-worthy ceramics embody the very warmth and spirit of South Africa. If you’re fed up with uniformity and you’re trying to get away from identical plates, bowls and platters then you will love this unusual, perfectly imperfect stylish tableware, some with glorious plain washes and others with delicate lace like patterns.

Wonki Ware is ideal for Winter warming soups, delicious canapés, Summer salads and hearty puddings. This tableware reflects the warm vibrant spirit of its place of origin and those responsible for creating it. Wonki Ware is made to be proudly displayed in your kitchen and is definitely not to be tucked away in the cupboard! We hope you will love Wonki Ware just as much as we do. If you would like to know more please get in touch- we’d love to hear from you: 01434 409085 or at

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