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A Big Thank You From Us All

  What extraordinary times- and our hearts go out to all those- both at home and overseas- who are experiencing such stress and uncertainty right now. From our homes here in Northumberland we’re especially thinking right now of our suppliers- all very small family businesses and community- based projects which we’ve discovered over the years […]

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All About: Vintage Charpoys

  Vintage charpoys… at grey, wet times like this, we long for those lazy sun-drenched Northumbrian summer days…and thinking that surely Spring must be just around the corner, we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate the arrival of our latest sunshine products: our new collection of vintage Rajasthani charpoys are here!  Charpoys or Indian […]

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All About: Ochre Tamegroute

  The small dusty village of Tamegroute lies in Southern Morocco on the cusp of the Sahara Desert. We’ve always wanted to bring the famous rich green glazed pottery created there to ibbi, but it was only when we visited early this year that we discovered just how beautiful the ochre coloured pottery range is […]

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