Tis the Christmas season! Discover Tamegroute Tableware

Discover Tamegroute Tableware .  Tis the Christmas season!  The time of ultimate family traditions, as we count down to the same chaotic excitement that we face every year.

Beautiful green tableware from the border of Algeria and Morocco.

On Christmas morning the Christmas stocking is quickly strewn across the floor, lost in a sea of green and red tissue paper, as the mob of sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers pile into the car, into Church, out of Church, back into the car, and back home, as food and more present preparations begin.

It is the annual 3 or 4 days of indulgence and celebration that we feel completely comfortable and guilt-free about – playing the same games, singing the same carols, eating the same foods and drinking the same drink as we did the year before, and as we will do the year after.

However, we thought we would bring you a refreshing take on tradition this year, all the way from across the Mediterranean, from one of the oldest towns in Morocco, known as the ’the last place before the desert’: Tamegroute.

This community and the clay creations they have become so famous for is steeped in a tradition far removed from our realities of tradition (which are best left as the short but sweet affairs they are, enveloped in a champagne haze!)

With 7 ovens, all belonging to 7 different families, and each with their own atelier built of clay, every family member adopts their own unique task and speciality.  The product of this traditional craftsmanship is far more unique than your mad old uncle, or the brave modern twist you give your Christmas lunch by adding marshmallow to the sweet potato mash.  The high-temperature bakes, the varied manners of piling when the shaped clay is left to dry and the different technique utilised by each family, results in the changing colour of each piece from a matt blue-grey to the typical Tamegroute variations of greens.

Heavenly Tamegroute Tableware

We picture these beautiful bowls and plates, both big and small, amongst the ordered chaos of your kitchen, piled high with the autumnal colours of tangerines, apples, walnuts and cranberries… or covering your Boxing Day table, packed full of fresh quinoa salads, sprinkled with pomegranate seeds.

They will bring that fresh Christmas glow of emerald individuality that we all admittedly need amongst the stress of the Christmas season, despite the reassurance from our old friend, Tradition, that it’ll all be ok in the end!