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March 13, 2014

Dispatches From Kerala

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Post written in January

We are on our way to the far South West of India.  The state of Kerala, with Arabian Sea to its West and Western Ghats to its East,  is heaving with coconut palms, quiet backwaters, dense palm forests, paddy fields, and estates of rubber, tea, coffee and pepper.  The colour is spectacular.  The temperature is 32C so a happy ibbi team and we begin our short tour of a handful of the state’s organic cotton weavers.

Has anyone driven or been driven in Kerala? Hmmm the drivers all appear to suffer from the same condition, blindness.  By the end of our visit overtaking on a corner or directly into on coming traffic was STILL terrifying and not right!


ibbi Loves: The beach!


Ok so we had a little treat at the end of our journey and stayed for 2 nights at the Neelishwar Hermitage, where small thatched cottages nestle among majestic palm trees and the ocean waves crash agains the shore only yards from our terrace. ImageImage

The Backwaters

While we were in Kerala we went to the Manniyottu Vishnumoorthi Temple at Kanhangad, where the Theyyam festival was taking place.  A dazzlingly colourful ritual form of worship, encompassing the belief that man can don the costume of a deity and then, following spiritual preliminaries, actually become that deity, assuming diving powers and speaking and healing as a god.  For ibbi this spectacular visual feast of crimson and orange is unforgettable and we will try to incorporate some of the glorious colours in our new ceramics range later this year.


And finally we have to go home….