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June 4, 2015

Father’s Day: It Doesn’t Have To Be Pants

The ultimate chill out: vintage re strung Rajasthani charpoys

The ultimate chill out: a vintage re strung Rajasthani charpoy

June 21st is Father’s Day and haven’t we all done it. The last minute panic pressie shop: tragic jazzy pants, garish socks or that mug that seemed quite amusing in the shop. It can get worse. On one occasion, I succumbed to the most tragic of all panic buys: a black stretchy lycra all in one exercise suit. ‘Dads love them for weekend cycling’ the teenage sales assistant told me enthusiastically, but let me tell you now, no man will ever thank you for making him look like a vacuum packed sausage.

So to avoid all the traumas, here it is: our top 5 suggestions. We hope they’ll help make this Father’s Day a happy, relaxed and successful day!

Father’s Day: ibbi Recommends:

1. Buy: A charpoy or traditional Indian bed. Rather like a hammock on legs which means it’s beyond comfortable, it doesn’t swing in a high wind and you can’t fall out of it. Perfect for the post lunch snooze. Available at £275 plus p&p.

2. Make: A delicious pre lunch drink. Try a Soho Sling: 50ml gin, 15ml fresh lime juice, 35ml pressed apple juice and 50ml ginger beer. Put all ingredients in to a tall glass, add lots of ice, stir, avoid sipping on the way to the charpoi and serve to grateful dad.

3. Discover: Our kadais or fire bowls. There’s nothing fathers love more than being in charge of the barbeque (other than being in charge of the bonfire). So this has to be the perfect gift! Our vintage cast iron fire bowls from Rajasthan are a glorious and very beautiful source of warmth in the garden on chilly Summer evenings. Toss wood in to the bowl, light and enjoy. From £120. At

4. Create: the perfect atmosphere. It’s amazing how a comfortable chair, the morning papers, a great cup of coffee and no list of DIY chores goes down once in a while.

5. Remember: A beautiful photo frame is always great gift. And then put a beautiful picture of you and the family in it..or perhaps one of those pics of dad in the lycra cycling outfit might be fun too. From £24 plus p&p,