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May 23, 2014

From Workshop to Website…ibbi’s New Tableware

ibbi food

At last our beautiful ibbi tableware has arrived from South Africa – it is stunning and we have been busy uploading all the images onto the website, which we do promise is very nearly ready…    Our launch date is, fingers crossed, 2nd June.


Afia Peanut Bowls


ibbi’s beautiful Rintin Cala Platter and a selection of Tweeling Ramekin


So with all this lovely new tableware we have jumped into:



Our veg plots will soon be heaving with the finest homegrown greens but sometimes it’s a struggle to know what to do with all that leaf and root. ibbi recommends the spiralizer; a relatively inexpensive bit of kitchen kit, available through, which can transform the humble courgette or carrot in to yards of pretty ribbons with a few simple turns of the handle. Forget pasta and instead pan fry these delicious spirals in a little olive oil and serve, in fabulous ibbi ceramic bowl, with a delicious green pesto mix (our favourite is leafy kale, garden peas, avocado, fresh mint, lime juice and a good glug of olive oil which has all been whizzed together in the blender). Scatter with seeds, fresh garden peas, more olive oil and a little flat leaf parsley and eat.

Image                       Image