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Welcome to our new blog! It’s great to be sharing it with you. Every month we look forward to posting our latest crushes, finds and inspirations  and all that other stuff we love at ibbi: style, food, fashion, travel and film..and we love a spot of eccentricity too..we like to call it something slightly ibbiotic . And there’ll be regular news on our ibbi100 product, which raises money to support our chosen charity in India, Magic Bus. Share your ideas and let us know what you’re thinking..we always love hearing from you. And if you’d like to feature in our New , Vintage & Unique Monthly List then who not get in touch?

So feet up, relax and enjoy. It’s great knowing you’re on our style journey with us!

Eliza, Anna and Claire




the ibbi list: March


Throw off the thermals! Spring is in the air, Easter’s fast approaching, there’s a hint of colour in the hedgerows and this month we’ve lots to share with you. After our recent travels to India there’s still an Eastern flavour to our blog: we’ve a fabulous giveaway from our favourite chutney creators at Rubies in the Rubble, we’re reminiscing about our favourite Indian films and we’re talking  juicing, doughnuts, interior touches and the very finest shoe styles too. ibbi: eclectic as ever!

Have a great March!

Claire, Anna and Eliza


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WIN: Rubies In The Rubble

We’re feeling utterly foody this month after our travels in India and thinking back to all those thaalis and biryanis and huge helpings of lime pickle and chutneys, we felt we had to link up with our most favourite of all UK chutney makers at Rubies In The Rubble for our giveaway this month. Check out founder Jenny Dawson’s inspired story and details of her mouthwatering premium preserves made as much as possible from otherwise discarded fruit and veg, at

Rescuing damsens in distress and pears in a pickle to create her scrummy preserves and jam, we suggest you try her apple and ginger or red onion and chilli chutneys. They’re perfect with Sunday lunches, sausages, cheeses and veggie samosas and we’ve got lots of delicious jars to give away. Simply like us on facebook or follow us on instagram for your chance to win.

Alicia from Rubies in the  Rubble with an armful of delicious premium preserves
Alicia from Rubies in the Rubble with an armful of delicious premium preserves

WATCH: The Lunchbox

the lunchbox

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for film (and popcorn) and occasionally there’s nothing quite like a movie with a good dollop of romance. Inspired by our travels I recently re watched Ritesh Batra’s beautifully filmed drama The Lunchbox. It’s all about emotion, food and love coming together when a miserable Mumbai housewife, desperately hoping to reignite romance in to her marriage, finds hope as her elaborately prepared lunchbox goes astray and lands on the desk of the loneliest of ageing office drones. For foodies and romantics everywhere this film is an absolute feast. Don’t let it pass you by.



STYLE CRUSH: Penelope Chilvers

For me the very thought of comfortable feet used to conjur up terrifying images of sensible school lace ups and all things ugly. Aaah how wonderful that times have a-changed. Walking down Duke Street in London last week I couldn’t resist pressing my nose against the gloriously glamorous Penelope Chilvers shoe store window and soon found myself inside chatting with Head of Marketing and PR Whitney Blackburn and giving Penelope’s to die for range of velvet Cuban boots and African inspired Dandy Maun cotton needlepoint slippers more love and affection than I usually give my beloved terrier, Marj. Penelope Chilvers shoes are everything beautifully crafted shoes should be: unique, stylish, decadent and (I have to stress this point) beyond comfortable. The Dandy Mauns had to come home with me. Move over Marj.


Deliciousd: African inspired Dandy Maun Needlepoint shoes from Penelope Chilvers
Delicious: African inspired Dandy Maun Needlepoint shoes from Penelope Chilvers

EAT: Dum Dum Donutterie, Shoreditch E1

dum dum's finest: strawberries and cream
dum dum’s finest: strawberries and cream

Recently discovered whilst visiting London and mooching round Shoreditch with 2 of my constantly starving teenage children, Henry and Archie, both 16, this tiny dream of an eaterie offers the most mouthwatering doughnuts, iced buns and croissant creations known to man. Think strawberries and cream, banoffee doughnuts full of custard and banana puree, dipped in Dulce de Leche and perhaps a signature bake too: the Zebra, with layers of of croissant dough filled with butter creme and topped with lashings of dark chocolate. Sweet treat, energy boost, answer to your hangover prayers…whatever you’re looking for, these doughnuts are best eaten fresh and fast.  Tear and share, or  hog the lot! The best we found in town.






Never feel you’re getting old just because you love it liquified!  Juicers (and I love the Samson I use) are a must have kitchen essential. There are so many super healthy and delicious recipes out there and it’s (honestly) great to start the day with a big glass of green to get yourself looking and feeling sparkly. Try my current favourite, the Beet Treat (2 beetroots, half a fennel bulb, 2 green apples and the juice of a lime) or the ‘Instant Energiser’ (4 carrots, 2 apples, 1 peeled kiwi fruit and a handful of parsley..ooh and flaxseed, banana and a few blueberries for good measure too if you’d prefer it super thick and gloopy ).

For further inspiration look no further than Deliciously Ella. We’ve had a recipe crush going on with Ella for some time now and she has great ideas for all things healthy (and to die for chocolate brownie recipes too).



There’s something we just love about kantha throws at ibbi. Beautiful, vintage, versatile and each one unique, they’re made from layers of vintage sari and hand stitched in West Bengal with the utmost precision and care. Gloriously vibrant and chic, robust enough to throw in the washing machine and perfect thrown, tossed or draped over any chair, bed or sofa, a kantha is just what so many rooms need: a spot of colour, a dash of personality and a smattering of individual style.

ibbi’s new collection of kanthas, £110, are available now at

vintage kantha throws, £110 at
vintage kantha throws, £110 at



ibbi100 and Magic Bus

We are huge fans of Magic Bus, an incredible charity project in India which supports children from some of the country’s poorest slum communities. At after school club sessions run by Magic Bus every week, the children play games and discuss crucial issues such as education, health and gender equality. Youth Leaders from the local communities, trained by the charity, run the sessions and we’ve seen first hand what a huge impact this is having on those who participate. Every month at ibbi the profit from our ibbi100 product goes straight to Magic Bus. We’d love to keep you updated with news about the projects and the products we’ve selected too. Keep an eye on our website.

our trip to Magic Bus in Kolkata last month, Feb 2015
our trip to Magic Bus in Kolkata last month, Feb 2015


and lastly..BE: ibbiotic


Not many people know that Finland is the spiritual home of wife carrying racing (or eukonkanto as they say in those parts). But now it seems we’re giving it a go here and we’re bending the rules too. In the UK the female competitors don’t need to be wives at all AND they can do the carrying. It’s a 400 metre sprint, takes place in Surrey this month and whatever your preferred lift: fireman’s, Estonian carry or the more traditional piggyback, it’s all great fun for a £10 entry fee on the day.


.IMG_6414 best wife carrying pic for more details

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