Loving- Charpoys


We recently posted a beautiful picture of vintage charpoys in the Indian sunshine on our Instagram page and received, amongst all our lovely comments, one which read  ‘wow- no idea what it is- but it’s beautiful!’.  Which got us all thinking that charpoys were undoubtedly one of our products that deserved further discussion!


Charpoys are the ancient traditional sleeping surface of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Both simple and elegant in design, a charpoy is an open rectangular frame supported by four often stunningly intricate carved wooden legs, with a tightly woven and gloriously comfortable network of woven ropes across the top .The ropes are often beautifully woven with patterned designs and the weave can be made from cotton or jute depending on the charpoy’s country of origin.


Today charpoys continue to be widely used throughout South Asia as both beds and ritual objects. In the city of Dera Ghazi Khan in Pakistan, gigantic charpoys are used purely for social purposes- known locally as ‘khatt’- they are used as meeting places where people gather regularly to discuss the various issues of the day.

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