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March 10, 2015

Mother’s Day: A Minefield? Absolutely Not. Just Follow Our No Nonsense Guide

Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day. It’s easy. Really. Take my word for it. Whether you’re shopping for your own mum or advising your kids, it doesn’t need to be a minefield. As long as you don’t feel compelled to panic buy at your local hardware store or purchase beauty products that mention the words wrinkle, lift, deep pore, flaky or fight the bloat on the packaging, you can’t go wrong. And perhaps avoid anything with ‘disguise’ and ‘blemish’ on the box too whilst you’re at it. So keep it simple. Remember this is the day when less is more. Small, pretty and thoughtful presents win every time. Still nervous? Then read on. Here’s my top 5 tips for a very Happy Mother’s Day. All will be well and stress free. I guarantee it.

1. Give flowers. If possible picked straight from the garden (your own, obviously)

2. Give chocolate. S, M, L or XL, it’s the one time you won’t offend by getting the size horribly wrong

3. Give something you’ve created yourself. Anything you’ve made (other than a god awful mess) will always be appreciated

4. Give her a break. Make lunch or bake a cake. Even if it’s unrecognisable after you’ve roasted, baked or boiled it, it really is the thought that counts. Trust me.

5. Give your time. Kind gestures are priceless. Walk the dog, mow the lawn, buy the papers and remember how much better coffee tastes when you haven’t made it yourself.

So there we go. Now find that receipt, return the spanners..and have a very Happy Mother’s Day


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