Product Of The Month- February: Afghan Glasses



Back in stock: our beautiful hand blown glass tumblers from Herat in Afghanistan. Sometimes we fall in love with our products, sometimes we fall in love with the stories behind them- and sometimes- as with Herati glass- it’s both. Herat’s distinctive coloured glass has been traded along the length of the Silk Route for two thousand years. Master craftsman Ghulam Sekhi who lives in Western Afghanistan is one of the last in an ancient line of glass blowers. In a mud brick workshop at the base of Herat’s ancient citadel this talented craftsman is keeping the precious industry alive.


Ghulam creates his glasses in much the same way they’ve always been crafted. He grinds quartz, plant ash and natural oxides together to create the vibrant colours that once made Herat’s glass so famous. Each glass is blown individually by hand and is then fired in a traditional mud brick kiln.

Each sale of Herati glass helps build the stability so urgently needed for Ghulam’s business. All the glasses are individual with beautiful complexities in the glass that can only occur from hand craftsmanship. We hope you’ll love these as much as we do. We are delighted to be supporting the work of Ishkar, who support craftsmen in war-torn countries and help them not just to survive, but thrive.