So What’s The Thing About Kantha?


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We’ve mentioned it once or twice before. But at ibbi we’re huge fans of kantha- stunning colourful throws and accessories made from layers of the softest vintage sari length, all hand stitched together with the prettiest ‘kantha’ running stitch. And it was fantastic- at the House & Garden Sprit of Christmas event in London recently- that our kanthas proved hugely popular too. Perhaps it’s because it’s turning chilly (and they’re so cosy to snuggle under). Perhaps it’s the extraordinary range of colours and designs available and the fact that kanthas are fully reversible. Perhaps it’s because they’re practical, durable and so easy to look after (they’re very happy being machine washed).

Whatever the reason, these bright, beautiful boho accessories are fabulous additions for any interior requiring a little colour and character. Drape them over your sofas, chairs and beds or fold in sumptuous piles ready to pulled over the sofa to get cosy under when the evenings turn cold.


Originally created in Bangladesh and Bengal, traditional kantha throws were an example of flat or unwadded quilting, worked on multiple layers of fabric- often old sari lengths- with colourful threads pulled from the sari borders to be reused in the decorative stitching. Today the process of creating these glorious pieces remains the same-  and kantha making has been embraced in a number of communities to help preserve traditional skills and generate regular income for all those involved in the creative process.

The images here show just some our collections of kanthas- and also the piles of saris we chose in India to create such stunningly colourful beauties. We’re proud to say we think these are the very finest kanthas you’ll find in the UK!

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