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March 19, 2014

Spring In Northumberland

ibbi food

There is nothing better than sunny days in Northumberland.  Four days with early morning frosts, no wind and a glorious eight hours of sunshine.

So ibbi’s tips for feeling AMAZING every morning:

1.  A delicious and energising Green ibbi Smoothie!


It’s obviously important to use the ibbi bowls too for nuts, seeds and flax just so the whole green smoothie experience looks as beautiful as it possibly can.  If you still have kale in the veg patch, new green leaves should be appearing about now, they are delicious and almost sweet and packed full of fibre, iron, Vit A,C and K, and calcium.  It’s kind of like a superfood.


1 lovely fair-trade banana

1 slice of fresh pineapple

1 generous handful of fresh kale (remove any tough stalks)

1 handful of spinach

Half an avocado (optional depending on how rich you want it)

1 tablespoon of flax

A couple of ice cubes to make it really cold

Add enough coconut water to make it the consistency you like

A small handful of frozen blueberries (this can make the smoothie  a bit brown but if you don’t mind the colour then chuck some in)

Put it all in the blender and whizz it up.


Without the blueberries the smoothie is a vibrant green – giving ibbi more colour inspiration


A delicious green smoothie treat to start the day.

The second fabulous tip: Doune Fairfax’s natural treats for your skin, bath and home.  The pure soaps smell so good but ibbi’s personal favourite is the ‘Morning Glow Scrub’, made with sweet almond oil, olive oil, rosemary, tea tree, Siberian Fur and mint essential oils.  It’s great for getting you buzzing in the morning and for dealing with tired muscles in the evening.  Doune calls this ‘the most delicious, moisturising, properly scrubby scrub’ and ibbi says it’s simply the best scrub ever.


3.  Ok so a recipe for bread doesn’t sound the most healthy BUT this is so delicious and it’s got ‘Health’ in the title, we think you should give it a go and it’s not difficult to make (no yeast so no proving and kneading).  The recipe comes from Catherine, a close friend in Northumberland, and she was given it by her sister in South Africa.

Sally’s South African Health Bread

2 cups of brown flour

1 cup whole wheat flour

1 cup oats

1/3 cup linseed

1/3 cup poppy/sesame/sunflower seeds

1/3 cup mixed nuts

1 tsp salt

2 tbsp honey

2 cups buttermilk (or yoghurt diluted with water)

1/2 tsp bicarb

Mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl

Add the honey

Mix the bicarb and buttermilk, then add to the dry ingredients

If too dry add a little water

Put the mixture in to a loaf tin

Cook at 180C for about an hour



This is a picture of  Northumbrian nettle cheese which is delicious with the bread – the loaf doesn’t really rise and is more like a cake loaf.

We have exciting news that the ibbi ceramic order from South Africa is due to be shipped on Friday.    A little preview pic below…Image