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April 23, 2015

Spring with a Zing: Sam’s Icy Homemade Lemonade






How incredible is this Spring! It’s April, the sun is shining and day after day our streets and parks are heaving with people revealing bare knees and bare shoulders and constantly commenting on the fact that it’s simply TOO hot. Even here at ibbi HQ in the far North of England, temperatures are soaring and the other day, in need of ideas for delicious ice cold refreshment I chatted with our own local culinary genius, Eliza’s fabulous 15 year old son, Sam. Sam is an incredibly talented young baker who can effortlessly throw together seasonal ingredients and locally grown produce to create all manner of mouthwatering goodies. Here’s Sam’s Icy Homemade Lemonade recipe and we say it’s the perfect treat at the end of a long, hot day. It uses an ice cream maker and if you don’t own one then we’d suggest you either beg or borrow one as this recipe is to DIE for. The lemonade tastes and looks best when poured in to empty jars and served with a few chunks of fresh lime, fresh mint, lemon basil or even a tiny hint of fresh ginger. Should be consumed outside and sucked through a straw. Feet up, guzzle and enjoy!

Sam’s Icy Homemade Lemonade

2 or 3 unwaxed lemons

140 gms sugar

1 litre cold water

fresh mint/lime/lemon basil/ ginger

Place the sugar into a blender and pulse 3 to 4 times on the high setting

Remove the top and bottom of the lemons then chop the lemons in to quarters and place into the blender with the sugar and half of the cold water. Blend on high until the lemon is fully chopped

Strain the lemonade mixture through a sieve into a bowl and add the remaining water

Chill in the fridge for a good 2 hours (or preferably overnight)

With the gelato paddle fitted, pour the chilled lemonade into your ice cream maker and set the timer for 30 minutes. The lemonade’s ready when ice crystals start to form

Serve immediately with a sprig of mint. Equally delicious with a little lemon basil, a hint fresh ginger or a chunk of fresh lime


Mmm..lemons..looking pretty in hand painted ceramic bowl from ibbi £25

pretty in hand painted ceramic bowl from ibbi £25