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All About: Ochre Tamegroute

  The small dusty village of Tamegroute lies in Southern Morocco on the cusp of the Sahara Desert. We’ve always wanted to bring the famous rich green glazed pottery created there to ibbi, but it was only when we visited early this year that we discovered just how beautiful the ochre coloured pottery range is […]

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A Very Happy New Year!

We would like to say a very Happy New Year to you, our fantastic customers and supporters- for your continued encouragement and feedback. We appreciate it more than we can say. And our thanks and best wishes too, to all our amazing suppliers, for their creativity and inspiration. We have so much to look forward […]

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Loving- Charpoys

We recently posted a beautiful picture of vintage charpoys in the Indian sunshine on our Instagram page and received, amongst all our lovely comments, one which read  ‘wow- no idea what it is- but it’s beautiful!’.  Which got us all thinking that charpoys were undoubtedly one of our products that deserved further discussion! Charpoys are […]

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