The ibbi list : May


Northumberland in the Spring
On our way to to ibbi HQ today: Northumberland woodland in the Spring


Welcome to our May list and hurrah: Spring has most definitely sprung. Don’t these longer sunny evenings make you feel good! This month we’re talking Hardy and Hepworth and we’re revisiting our favourite Indian reads. We also felt we had to mention ice cream  (the sun’s’s essential!) and we have gorgeous beauty finds for you too. And we long to tell you about our new ibbi 100 product which helps to support our favourite charity: Magic Bus.

Have a great month!

Claire, Anna and Eliza


barbara-hepworth-sculpture 3    barbara-hepworth-stone-sculpture 2

Isn’t Spring the perfect time to enjoy art outdoors! And if you find yourself with enough time to venture to the far South West then we’d suggest you call in at St Ives and discover the magical Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden at Trewyn Studios in Cornwall. Barbara Hepworth first moved to Cornwall with her husband Ben Nicholson in 1939 and she worked at Trewyn until her death in 1975. The bronzes in the garden are seen in the environment for which they were created and most rest where Hepworth placed them. The beautiful garden was laid out by Hepworth and her great friend the composer Priaulx Rainier. It’s a magical experience. One not to be missed!

Open: March-October 10am-17.20pm daily



Carey Mulligan as Bathsheba everdeen in Far From The Madding Crowd
The gorgeous Carey Mulligan as Bathsheba Everdene in Far From The Madding Crowd

Director Thomas Vinterberg’s adaptation of Hardy’s 1874 novel hits our screens today! Carey Mulligan is brilliant as the impetuous and not always wise Bathsheba Everdene and Matthias Shoenaerts plays the almost saintly Gabriel Oak; a sturdier and truer character you’d be hard pushed to find. The plot: Everdeen refuses Oak’s initial proposal and soon regrets it. The spirited now-heiress attempts to run her Uncle’s farm and soon finds two more suitors at her door: the handsome Sergeant Frank Troy (Tom Sturridge) and the rather wet Mr Baldwood (Michael Sheen). But nobody can stack hay and handle a scythe like Oak..what is Everdene to do?

This film has it all: beautiful countryside, windswept moors, breathtaking Victorian costumes, galloping horses, tempestuous maidens, and seriously handsome redcoats. A visual feast.



hand painted ceramic ramekins: our new ibbi 100 product
hand painted ceramic ramekins: our new ibbi 100 product: £11 each at

As you know we are huge fans of the fabulous charity Magic Bus which supports and inspires many children from the poorest slums in India. It’s a charity we often visit on our travels and back here in the UK we support Magic Bus through our ibbi 100 product, with 100% of the profit from sales of the ibbi 100 product going straight to Magic Bus. This month our new ibbi 100 product is our fabulous hand painted ramekin. These little ceramic gems, each one unique, are brilliant for oils, dips, treasured trinkets, nuts, fruits and they are oh so perfect for ice cream too! Earlier this week I mentioned in our blog Eliza’s 15 year old son Sam, my local food guru! Look out for his utterly delicious ice cream recipe on the ibbi blog next week..

ibbi ramekins: £11 each and oh so perfect for ice cream
ibbi ramekins: £11 each
and oh so perfect for ice cream




This has to be one of our favourite reads and it’s riveting from start to finish. Shadow Lines weaves history and memory together and chronicles the story of two families, one English and one Bengali, as their lives intertwine from WW2 to modern times. It’s packed with engaging characters: eccentric Bengali matriarchs, doomed rickshaw drivers and languid Indian aristocrats to name but a few. Told by an unnamed narrator, the story reveals how its characters intermingle in a world not as members of distinct cultures but in a world where geographic boundaries have become ‘shadow lines’ . Set against a backdrop of historical events (WW2, the Partition of India and the riots of Dhaka and Calcutta in 1963-4) this book is wise, amusing, horrific.. and unputdownable too.




Handmade By Doune: the best body scrub we've ver found: packed with Rosemary, Siberian Fir, Mint essential oils and Tea Tree. £25 plus p&P
Handmade By Doune: the best body scrub we’ve  found: packed with Rosemary, Siberian Fir, Mint essential oils and Tea Tree. £25 plus p&P


It’s not often you find something that actually perks AND calms but this sumptuous Spring Scrub does just that! We’ve searched and tested and this is undoubtedly the best scrubby scrub we’ve found. Made with sweet almond oil (rejuvenates, conditions and softens) and olive oil (great for mature and dry skin), exfoliating sea salt and pure essential oils, Doune’s fragrant pots are pumped full of natural ingredients which leave your whole body tingling. Our favourite is her Morning Glow Scrub with rosemary, tea tree, Siberian Fir and mint essential oils. Perfect for tired muscles at the end of the day or great to get you up and running first thing. A 900gm pot is £25 plus p&p.

Available at