Tamegroute Vase


NEW in at ibbi – we love every piece in our new Tamegroute pottery collection.   These beautiful Tamegroute Vases  make spectacular statement pieces and add an instant bolt of uniqueness and individuality to a home.

PLEASE NOTE! Tamegroute is stunningly beautiful but very RUSTIC! It uses a unique crafting process which has been passed down from generation to generation. The bowls are hand dipped in a glaze mix, giving it its distinctive patterns and traits and the variations in sizing and finish is what makes these pieces special. The joy of this product is the fact that it has NO uniform glaze, colour or covering. Our photography tries to show this as clearly as possible.

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Handcrafted, imperfect, unique and beautiful – our new Tamegroute Vases  from Morocco are all of these things.  We have travelled far to bring you our range of Tamegroute pottery.  Tamegroute  village lies close to the Sahara desert and the Algerian border, and it is here that 6 families work to make  this wonderful pottery in the age old traditional ways.  No two pieces will ever be the same.  The variation in colour, shape and size are hallmarks of a handmade product.  The average height of the vases is 24cm .  Mix with bowls, candlesticks or jugs to create a Moroccan feel to your table.  The vases look beautiful either filled with flowers or left empty.