Wonki Ware Large Salad Bowl – Patterned Aubergine


If you’re tired with uniformity and you’re trying to get away from identical bowls, plates and platters, then you will LOVE  South African Wonki Ware.  The beauty of this pottery is its stunning wonkiness.  No two pieces are exactly the same but that is what makes it so special and unique.  These large salad bowls are perfect for serving huge salads and piles of fresh berries. The Wonki Ware range is made to mix and match: platters, plates and bowls in fresh plain glazes or intricate delicate lace like designs sit beautifully together and create a stunning eclectic everyday tableware range.  These salad bowls are available in 3 different colours. We hope you enjoy these one-of-a-kind heirloom-worthy ceramics, which embody the very warmth and spirit of the talented craftsmen and women who make them.

Dimensions: Approx 36cm x 6cm

In stock


A new collection of Wonki Ware salad bowls. Perfect for big piles of salad and fresh berries. Hand crafted in South Africa by Di Marshall. Heirloom-worth ceramics with either fresh plain glazes or beautiful lace like patterns.

Dimensions: 36cm x 6cm

Available in 3 beautiful colours

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